Agritourism is a trip, for entertainment and recreation, in a rural environment. The demand for this type of tourism is typical for highly urbanized societies. Agro-rural tourism provides its customers with the opportunity to touch rural life and nature, in its original form, and to discover unknown crafts, attractions, gastronomy, new forms of culture. We from Yablena Natura offer many opportunities for an incredible agricultural walk. With us you can find a place of peace and harmony, where you can relax from the hectic and stressful everyday life of city. In addition to the beautiful plantations, we have a large number of places to visit, which are filled with both the most modern and the most ancient agricultural tools. Already in the last century Bulgaria has been famous, as the doyen of agriculture and many of our agricultural masters were in demand throughout Europe, even beyond. Yablena Natura has taken care to preserve the memory of all these greats by preserving ancient antiques that anyone can touch with their eyes. In addition to all this rural idyll, the light breeze saturates the sense of smell of each visitor with a pleasant aroma of fruits and herbs. The various plant and animal species support the green background, which in turn satisfies even the most astute eye. All this is just an addition to the real goal of our Team.

We from Yablena Natura open our doors to show you the whole environmentally friendly cycle of growing fruit trees entirely on a biological principle. Rarely does one think about how the beautiful soup bought from the store is actually produced, and even more often one believes that one knows. In fact, the production technology is much more difficult than you think.That is why we have prepared a whole adventure to the smallest detail for the production of quality and organic fruits. This adventure begins with the preparation of the land, goes through planting, growing, treating and harvesting and ends with the end user, namely you! The great interest of the people in the production of various things in a show on discos, inspired us to show you all this live by introducing you step by step with our know-how. More and more people come to us, who do not tolerate the urban everyday life and successfully overfill all their senses and at the same time learn a lot of interesting and useful knowledge in the field of agribusiness.

You are always welcome for us, so do not dare but try something new and unseen.

Your favorite,

Yablena Natura

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