Tsvetan Tsekov with an award for the best project idea


Tsvetan Tsekov won first prize in the category "Agricultural Producer" in the national competition "Best Project Idea" under the RDP. His project under measure 121 of the Program is for the construction of a structure against hail for 230 decares. orchard and for the purchase of specialized agricultural machinery. Tsekov's orchard is located in the village of Radotina, Botevgrad municipality.

Tsvetan Tsekov is a member of the management board of the Association of Agricultural Producers in Bulgaria / ADPA / and chairman of the expert council on fruits and vegetables at the association. "Producing organic fruit in the truest way without cheating is a challenge," said entrepreneur Tsvetan Tsekov, who has invested more than BGN 5 million in gardens so far. The investment in the project is for the construction of a structure against hail and the purchase of specialized fruit growing equipment. Currently, Tsvetan Tsekov is implementing a project for the construction of refrigerated warehouses next to the orchard for storage of its products and the possibility for year-round delivery for stores.He seeks to close the production cycle, and for this purpose plans to build a workshop for processing products into organic juices.