"With one apple a day, I chase the doctor away" - an old English proverb.


Today, there are millions, if not billions, of different varieties of apples that are different and unique to each other. We have sweet, sour, red, green, yellow, pink, colorful, round, elongated and what not. Yablena has taken care to cultivate and develop some of the most useful, tasty and juicy varieties that caress the palate and satisfy the taste buds of each of our clients. The plant protection of our fruits is based entirely on the biological principle, thus ensuring the purity and high energy values ​​of the product. Through our fruits, everyone can achieve a better lifestyle and change the unpleasant consequences of a harmful daily life. Have you heard of the apple diet? How to be thinner, intelligent, beautiful and only with the help of apples? You may be passionate about eco-friendly products, but you are frugal and financially worried. Even so, Yablena is ready to take care of you by presenting you with many recipes and an affordable price. You can learn more about the magical properties of apples, pears and cherries in the articles and news we publish.

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