Why should we consume organically produced fruits?


According to the development of the scientists from the MAYO clinic (USA) specialized in prevention and health education of the masses, 4 main criteria of the useful and healing fruit are stopped:

1. Rich in vitamins, fiber, minerals and other healthy ingredients.

2. To have a clear effect on health by reducing the risk of diseases and more specifically of heart diseases.

3. To avoid gaining extra pounds.  

4. To be easily accessible

Apples are on a pedestal in this ranking and are mostly used to lower high cholesterol levels.  

At the request of AFSSA (French Agency for Fertile Crops), SIRAD (Center for International Cooperation in Agricultural Research for Development) analyzes 24 types of fruit to find out which of them is the best supplier of polyphenols. Naturally, the APPLE is again in the first and leading position, followed by strawberry, grape and pear.  

In summary, with one apple a day, I keep the doctor away from. (old English proverb)