What is biodynamic agriculture


What is biodynamic agriculture?  Have you heard of bidynamic agriculture? In our country, perhaps few people are familiar with this knowledge, but not in Western Europe, where it comes from. Generally speaking, these are principles founded by the German author Goethe and developed by Rudolf Steiner. These are not just methods and techniques of growing plants, but KNOWLEDGE! Science is called anthroposophy and is associated with sobriety, observation of natural phenomena and knowledge of the spirit.  Today we will introduce you to one of the many principles of biodynamic agriculture:

Cosmic Rhythms Impulses from the sun, moon, planets and stars reach the plants in regular rhythms. Each of the stellar bodies contributes to the life, growth and shape of the plant. By understanding the gesture and effect of each rhythm, we can plan in time the preparation of the land, the sowing, the cultivation, and the harvest for the greatest benefit of the crops we grow. Accordingly, every year special calendars are issued in different parts of the planet, which allow farmers to work day after day in the rhythm of various cosmic influences. For example, there are leaf days (lettuce, spinach), fruit (apples, tomatoes), root (carrots, potatoes) or flowers (broccoli, cauliflower).

There are many more, but it will be difficult to fit all this knowledge in one article, so do not miss the news of Yablena Natura.  Coming soon.  

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