Top 7 intresting facts about organic production


1. Growing organic products supports nature in many ways: the main ones are: keeping the land clean and storing water. It also reduces the greenhouse effect and global warming.  

2. GMOs in organic food are strictly prohibited  

3. All causes of health problems such as flavorings, preservatives, colors, artificial sweeteners and contaminants are missing and not used. 

4. Organic foods help fight weight! The pesticides that conventional products contain can remain in the body forever, as they are absorbed and stored in fats. There are over 350,000 types of chemical compounds that do not break down once in the body.  

5. Organic animal husbandry strictly prohibits the use of growth hormones, antibiotics and GM vaccines. Also, labels indicating that the animals are fed on pasture prove the welfare of free animals.  

6. Organic fruits have 40% more antioxidants than conventional ones, and organic milk has 90% more than conventional ones.

7. The content of minerals is in much larger quantities, such as iron and zinc, and they are extremely important for adolescents.