Обълчинска вишна

Cloud cherry is one of the main varieties in our country. The tree is strongly growing, the crown is oval to obovate. The branches are richly garnished with May bouquets. They are prone to scratching, especially with poor crown formation. Flowering is a medium early, self-fertile (self-fertilizing) variety. Enters fruiting 3-4 years after planting and has a very good fertility. Disadvantage of the variety is that it shows a strong sensitivity to white rust.

Growing one's own root (through shoots and rooted cuttings) ensures successful development of the trees in different soil conditions, incl. and on acid soils with heavier mechanical composition.

The resistance of the twigs and buds to low winter temperatures, and to the flowers, and to the knots of the return spring frosts is good. The fruits ripen in mid-June and early July. They are excellent for processing, juice, compote and freezing.

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