Pollinators: Jonathan, the group of Golden Superb, Granny Smith. The tree is strongly growing. The crown is broadly pyramidal to rounded, dense. The awakening of the buds is very good. Fruits mainly on short fruiting branches on two- and three-year-old wood. The variety is a good pollinator. It is pollinated by Granny Smith, Jonathan and Golden Superb.

Technological characteristics: Fertility is very good and relatively regular. It is sensitive to scab and weakly sensitive to powdery mildew. The fruits reach harvest maturity in the first ten days of October. They are very large, with an average weight of 190-200 g, flat-spherical to spherical-conical, often bent, with asymmetrical halves, well aligned in size and shape. The skin is healthy, smooth, yellow-green, covered more than 50-60% with a fuzzy and striped red color. The flesh is whitish to creamy, dense, crunchy, juicy, sweet, slightly sour, with a slight pleasant aroma and good to very good quality. The fruits tolerate transport and handling.

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