Pinova apple variety is German and was obtained by crossing "Golden Superb" and "Clivia". The fruit is globular, slightly elongated like a cone, with a smooth strong rind. It is medium to large with a yellow base color and a bright red cover. It looks very beautiful. The fruit has a slightly yellow fruit flesh and a pleasant sweet-sour taste and strong aroma. Harvest ripeness occurs between 20 and 30 September. The fruits tolerate good transportation and can be stored easily in ordinary refrigerators from October to May. The tree is weakly growing, extremely generative, enters fruiting early and is weakly susceptible to diseases - especially scab and powdery mildew. It has good pollinating properties. It responds very well to pollination by Granny Smith, Golden Superb and Idared. The variety is very suitable for intensive plantations and large gardens. We grow the saplings according to all the rules and requirements of the fruit art. We guarantee you well-growing and abundantly fruitful trees.

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