About us

Wellcome to "YABLENA NATURA"

The fame of Bulgaria in production of high quality in fruits production is great. Bulgarian fruit-growers are well known beyond the limits of our country and they have passed on their experience into a lot European countries. This obstinate us to continue this tradition to create a higher level economy.

We have mainly focused on production of natural fruits – apples and pears. Our fruit massifs are located at the root of the Old Mountain near village Radotina, 80 km away from Sofia, on area of 500 decare and altitude of 600 metre.

Our farm is build from nothing and because of our yearning and hard work it is now responding to all world criteria. Over the fruit massif is build installation against hailstorm and unfavourable conditions. Each tree is irrigated and nourished from biologically clean compost through drip irrigation system. Our goal is to create and cultivate the best biological apples and pears. We have apple and pairs varieties like Aidared, Red chief, Golden Delicious, The Granny Smith, Enterprise, Pinova for apples and William’s pair, Packums triumph, Santa Maria, Doctor Jules Guio for pears. We are fallowing all requirements to protect plants and environment.

We have our own trade mark “Yablena Natura” and a certificate for biological production №6292. Each dealer of pure biological products is welcome at our company. We will provide good terms for buying and distribution of our products.