About us

Bulgaria is famous for its traditions in creating high quality fruits. Bulgarian fruit growers are known outside our country and have shared their experience in a number of European countries.

This ambitions us to continue these traditions and create a world-class economy.

Yablena Natura is the founder in the creation of organic fruits in Bulgaria.

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PRI-RODA (the bulgarian word for nature meaning With- The roots)

You've probably heard the legend of the Three Brothers and the Golden Apple. It does not show how the golden Hall stole from the family of the three brothers and brought them the golden apples of her wonderful daughters. The youngest sister, named Jablena, was rescued by her youngest brother. Where the golden apple was born, they lived and cared for the magic tree. It is there that Yablena Natura turns the legend into reality and creates its magical gardens.

The orchards of Yablena Natura and Partners

Biodynamic agriculture